Finding Jobs in the Chemistry Field

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The hunt for a job in the chemistry field can be a difficult process. A major reason for this is the abundance of jobs in the various sectors of the industry. Each chemistry job is drastically different. Often it is difficult to determine the best approach for finding a chemistry job. It can also be difficult to ascertain the proper places to look for these positions.
Chemistry jobs almost always require an extensive amount of education. These positions often require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, with many requiring higher levels of education or advanced degrees. Before applying for a chemistry job, examine the educational qualifications and determine if you are an appropriate and qualified candidate for the position that you are applying to.
Another important tip that will aid you in your chemistry job search is to select a main chemistry field to help you further narrow your job search. The four main employment sectors for chemistry jobs are: analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry.
As you consider positions in the chemistry field, it may be wise to spend some time researching the four main sectors a little more thoroughly to determine the sector that will be the best fit. Focus your job search on this sector of chemistry.
There are many wonderful resources available online that will serve as a great starting point for your chemistry job search. Try conducting several searches using a variety of search engines with the search terms, “chemistry jobs” or “chemistry careers.” You may also want to search various job search sites for chemistry jobs as well. As you search, you will quickly find an abundance of available jobs to apply to. You may even encounter a few specialty job sites that focus solely on chemistry jobs.
These chemistry specific sites will often allow candidates that are looking for a chemistry job to post a resume on their site for potential employers to review. Make sure that you take full advantage of this opportunity by posting a well constructed and relevant resume. Additionally, take the time to thoroughly search these sites for all positions that you are interested in and qualified for.
Networking is another great tool that will prove essential in your search for a chemistry job. Your chemistry professors can serve as an excellent resource to help you find jobs. Talk with past professors and ask them if they have any available job leads for you to pursue. Often professors have many strong connections to the industry in which they instruct. Chemistry professors are often more than happy to help a good student find work.
There are many different resources available that will help you in your search for a chemistry job. If you have the necessary education and experience, you will find that there are many jobs available in this field.

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